We know many of you have always wondered how so… now you have the chance to learn about all of our homemade sausage including our WORLD FAMOUS St. Thomas. Join us for a hands-on sausage making class and learn how to craft your own delicious sausages from scratch! Discover the art of selecting and grinding the perfect cuts of meat, blending spices and herbs to create unique flavors, and stuffing and cooking techniques for the perfect sausage.

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You have ate our USDA Prime Beef all these years but now you can learn how we do things behind the counter!

Unlock the secrets of beef cutting and elevate your culinary skills to new heights! Join our immersive beef cutting class where you’ll learn the precise techniques used by the Dugdale’s. From identifying different beef cuts to mastering the art of precise slicing, trimming, and portioning, this class will empower you to become a confident beef connoisseur. Whether you’re a passionate home cook or aspiring chef, sign up now and discover the joys of working with premium cuts of beef!

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